Jewellery Design Guide

jewellery design guide

Jewellery designing is a profession of designing to create a jewellery. This industry has remained constant over the years. The materials which were used over the years are in use up to today. The recent developments in technology and machinery have allowed the artists to use the easy alternatives this advancements have brought a transformation and significance in the social weight jewellery. A jewellery is part of the beauty of a woman. When worn, they make one look more beautiful.

Jewellery designers design jewellery to have a satisfaction on their own vision. Jewellery designing is a high paying job that allows one to apply his/her own creativity. Jewellery designers sets new trends when his/her jewellery sells at the popular retail stores or when the jewellery that he produce are worn by celebrities. One enjoys well when the business is owned by him/her. This is because of the freedom and flexibility he/she enjoys when he is his own boss. The jewellery design guide is an important tool that each and every one who specialize on jewellery designing needs to have. With it, on can learn on the type of jewellery designing, the jewellery materials like beads, bracelets, bronzes. Etc.

With the jewellery design guide, one can lean on the jewellery designing equipment’s as well as tools that are needed. In addition, the jewellery guide is so helpful since it contains the tips that can guide you on how you can become a jewellery designer if you have passion.

The following are the tips on how you can be a successful jewellery designer:

1. Pick up your paths of becoming a jewellery designer. There are different routes on how you can take a path towards it.If you need designing only,you need to illustrate on the skills and education on jewellery designing.

2. You also need to gain practice expertize,knowledge in medals, jewels and in different raw materials that can be used to create jewellery.

3. To be a perfect jewellery designer, you also need to learn on the basics on how to adjust, resize the jewellery as well as reshaping. In addition,you need to have skills on setting tools,cutting,metal working, engraving and model making.

jewellery drawing

4. Give yourself a competitive edge with a degree. Those people with a formal education are more appealing since they do not require an on job training.

5. Practicing on your own. This will help you in gaining experience of crafting at home.You do not have to limit your designing job.

6. Network with all the people who surround you to grow your industry. In jewellery designing you need to spend most of your time on the art jewellery and put the world in a world of design. This is a gateway of starting a meaningful relationship.

7. You also need to have good communication skills and inter personal skills since you will communicate with a different people. This will help you in building strong relationships.

The biggest challenge with the jewellery designers is lack of inspiration for new designs .Through the jewellery design guide, one can find different ideas and tips that can inspire the jewellery design. This may include adding a creative flare to the design. This will give edge in the market place. Learning the art of color is a fascinating journey. There is more than just the visual impact. This is where the jewellery designers learn on the science of color and how to use the color wheel in creating a great color combination


Bead jewellery designs are inspirational and innovative. The designers can get ideas into a unique piece of wearable art unique design that is functional makes the jewellery to stand out. Anyone can assemble the components i.e. beads, wire, clasps etc. to create a jewellery. Learning on how to design a jewellery makes one to become a jewellery designer. Most of the jewellery designers follow instructions. This is a safe place to begin on new jewellery making with the bead technique.

Jewellery design is a visual language. The bead component is the vocabulary while the design principles are the grammar. Learning on the jewellery design include the elements and principles of design that can be so challenging. The understanding on colors and design fundamentals can give one a language on how to analyze what happens when designing the jewellery.