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School of Jewellery BA(Hons) Graduate launches Young British Jewellers

New online community launched to connect contemporary British jewellers and promote their work

Young British Jewellers, founded in 2012 by BA (Hons) Jewellery and Silversmithing graduate Vega Bantock and University of Birmingham postgraduate historian Chris Minton, showcases contemporary British jewellery and provides an online forum for contemporary British jewellers.

The website offers free profile space for contemporary jewellers of all ages working or studying in Britain. Each new member is provided with a free personalised profile and image gallery to promote their work, along with a private messaging system to communicate with other Young British Jewellers. The sites contemporary jewellery blog features exhibition reviews, interviews and insights into jewellers studios.

An Events page details current and future jewellery exhibitions taking place in the UK, enabling contemporary jewellers to find out about and attend events across Britain. This solves an issue encountered by Vega Bantock during her degree at Birmingham City University: "Contemporary jewellery isn't usually sold in shops but instead showcased in art or craft galleries, and information can be hard to find unless you know exactly where to look. The YBJ Events page will make it easier for people to find out about exhibitions, thereby boosting gallery visitor numbers."

Explaining their motivations for establishing the site, co-founder Vega Bantock says, "After study, many jewellers like myself work alone in home studios and can lack the support of a community environment. Young British Jewellers provides a solution to this problem, both online and through our exciting new events."

"In addition, we recognise that consumers often find it hard to locate well designed, unique pieces of jewellery online, as searches usually bring up the bigger, mainstream jewellery companies and consumers often can't find the websites of individual makers. By bringing everyone into one place, Young British Jewellers makes it easier for jewellers to be accessed online, helping them promote themselves."

Planned future developments include organising networking events for jewellers to facilitate meetings and inspire the formation of collaborations and collectives; web pages detailing jewellery galleries in Britain and jewellery course providers; as well as a series of interviews with course directors of jewellery degrees across Britain, providing insights into the future of contemporary jewellery.

For further details visit Young British Jewellers / Facebook / Twitter

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