Transforming Brilliance Private View


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Level 6 BA students hosted a fantastic private view to round up the collaborative project 'Transforming Brilliance'.

The work of the students from SENA Goldsmith's School in Bogota, Colombia and The Jewellery School was displayed in the Atrium in the final stint of the touring show, which started at The Gold Museum, Bogota Colombia.

Guests who attended the private view were treated to an array of Colombia cocktails and lively music. A performance using the work of UK student Fiona Ross was acted out by the students highlighting the essence of the project. Drawing attention to the use of a daily ritual within the work and the connection that the contemporary jewellery piece had with the maker, the wearer and the audience.

'The private view was a great celebration and tribute to the project which the students worked very hard to curate. They captured the meaning of the project and the opportunity to perform a piece to a live audience meant that the work was shown in its true context.' Mikaela Lyons


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