'No Cuffs and No Pockets'



BA(Hons) graduate Anne Davis was recently commissioned by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths on behalf of the Salters Company to create work for the visitors prize draw at the ‘Silver with a Pinch of Salt’ exhibition.

'No Cuffs and No Pockets'  is inspired by a 16th century law, that prevented people from stealing the valuable pepper, by hiding it in their clothing. On first sight, Anne’s work comprises of a wooden base that acts as the display holder for the salt cellar and a spoon and it isn’t until further inspection that the pepper is discovered.

The exhibition ‘Silver with a pinch of salt’ opened on the 30th March and runs until the 25th of April in the Goldsmiths Hall, Foster Lane, London.

For further information please visit thegoldsmiths.co.uk

The above image is 'No Cuffs and No Pockets' by Anne Davis for ‘Silver with a Pinch of Salt’