Twelve Glass Cabinets



The private view for Twelve Glass Cabinets took place on Saturday 15th November at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield. This exhibition showcases the work of staff and recent graduates and participants include Zoe Robertson, Anna Lorenz, Jivan Astfalck and Abi Stradling.

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In this specially commissioned exhibition twelve jewellers have each been allocated their own cabinet and each offers their own unique take on the exhibiting, display and selling of jewellery in general.

1__170The cheap and cheerful IKEA glass cabinet seems to have become the display medium of choice in craft galleries, specialist jewellery shops and fairs around the country. This exhibition can be viewed as both homage to the cabinet and a critique of its use.

Jewellers include: Jivan Astfalck, Elizabeth Callinicos, Lin Cheung, Shelby Fitzpatrick, Joanne Haywood, Julia Keyte, Anna Lorenz, Laura Potter, Zoe Robertson, Felicity Rowley, Abi Stradling, Syan van Niftrik.

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This exhibition is part of the Galvanize Festival of Contemporary Metal Design and Innovation held in Sheffield. The festival takes place across the city from 14th November – 14th December 2008.

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